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TLK-Thermo – Engineering Services and Software for Thermal Systems

TLK-Thermo GmbH combines in a unique way comprehensive thermodynamic expertise with many years of experience in the areas of software development, simulation and testing technology. We deal mainly with thermal systems for vehicles, buildings, household appliances, industrial facilities and power plants. To this end we offer our customers engineering services and software solutions.

– services –

Our services – Simulations, Test Benches, Customized Software, Trainings …

TLK-Thermo GmbH offers services around thermal systems and their components. Our services range from testing and measuring individual components to setting up complete systems. We run simulations, develop customer-specific software and consult on thermodynamic issues. In addition, we offer training courses in our software products, vehicle air conditioning and the modelling language Modelica.

– software products –

Our software products – TIL, TILMedia, TISC, MoBA Lab, DaVE …

TLK-Thermo GmbH develops platform-independent software in the areas of modeling, simulation, interoperability and visualization. With our software TIL Suite thermal systems can be modeled. Our library TILMedia Suite provides you with substance properties data. DaVE can be used to visualize simulation and measurement data. The TISC Suite enables the connection of different simulation programs, the Simulator Suite provides simulators in different environments. The Optimization Suite contains tools for many optimization problems. The ModelFitter adapts model parameters under Excel and with MoBA Automation sophisticated workflows can be automated.

ModelFitter - Efficient parameter identification

Components or systems modeled with any software that supports the FMI standard (e.g. TIL Suite) are first exported as FMUs and then loaded into Excel. Here the ModelFitter determines optimal parameter values in order to ensure the best possible adaption of the models to stationary measurement data, results from field calculation methods or manufacturer specifications. Furthermore, various methods for mathematical analysis are used to efficiently design the fitting process.


Feedback for the user

As a user, you receive important statistical information about the approximation quality, dependencies of the parameters among each other and between model and database. This enables you to analyze, for example, sensitivities of the selected model parameters, assumptions in the modeling or discrepancies in the database. The ModelFitter thus contributes to a better understanding of the model.

Statistical evaluation
Statistical evaluation

ModelFitter for Excel

A ready-to-use Excel tool is available as a user interface. This allows you to work comfortably with the ModelFitter in a familiar interface. Many graphs also support analysis and evaluation. In addition, you enjoy all the advantages that Excel offers: You can easily copy and paste data or add your own representations and calculations to the document.

Excel interface of the ModelFitter
Excel interface of the ModelFitter

Design of experiments

Simulating a system or individual components requires not only a suitable model, but also a corresponding database for parameterization. Based on the statistical information of the ModelFitter, an efficient design of experiments can be created. Talk to us before you invest unnecessarily much time in measurements. We will be happy to advise or support you.