Automation in Simulation


Individual Automation of Simulation-Based Development Processes

The simulation of components and systems contains many repetitive steps that take up a significant part of the development time of a product. These include, for example, the analysis and visualization of simulation results and the optimization of parameters. To support these processes and thus shorten development times, we offer our customers individually tailored automation of their workflows.

Automation of Workflows

Customized Automation for Recurring Tasks

For our customers, we create workflows and input interfaces that are tailored to personal development processes and easy to maintain. They are based on our proprietary software MoBA Automation. We automate in a customized, fast, cost-efficient, and transparent way workflows from the field of component and system simulation, such as:

Simulation studies

  • Execution of large parametric studies with complex system models created for example, from TIL Suite, and visualization of results. Models exported as FMU are calculated internally in MoBA using Simulator Suite

   Model reduction 

  • Creation of fast neural networks from the results of simulation studies of complex models including adjustment in transient simulations

   Parameter estimation

  • Fitting of model parameters based on measured data with ModelFitter

   Topology optimization

  • Time saving determination of optimal topologies in a computer network using our Optimization Suite

Model analysis

  • Execution of linear point analyses, regressions, and relative gain array analyses

   Data visualization

  • Generation of image files in a variety of chart types, from Excel or our visualization software DaVE

   Report generation

  • Generation of PDF or PowerPoint reports with study boundary conditions and automatically generated diagrams

MoBA Automation

Automating Workflows with MoBA Automation

When automating workflows for customers, TLK-Thermo relies on its proprietary software MoBA Automation. This software is particularly suitable for automating individual workflows in the areas of simulation, measurement, and software development. Many TLK products can be used directly with MoBA Automation.


MoBA Automation enables our customers to independently automate their own processes. For many use cases, workflows are already available that can be directly provided with individual data in the graphical user interface. With the help of the supplied library, our customers can create their own workflows. With a little programming experience, it is also possible to integrate your own Python scripts.

Figure 1: Depiction of a workflow in MoBA Automation


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