TLK-Thermo combines comprehensive thermodynamic expertise with many years of experience in the fields of software development, simulation and test bench technology. We are primarily concerned with thermal issues relating to vehicles, buildings, household appliances, industrial plants and power stations. We offer our customers engineering services and software solutions for this purpose.


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The employees of TLK-Thermo GmbH are a flexible, creative, and highly motivated team. With our combined expert knowledge from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics, we find innovative solutions for the individual problems of our customers.

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Open Positions

We at TLK-Thermo GmbH are driving the transition to renewable energy forward! As a continuously growing company, we are always on the lookout for people who can enrich our team with their creative, future-oriented ideas, knowledge, and commitment. Apply now!

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TLK-Thermo has long-standing business relationships with the major German car manufacturers and suppliers, with established companies from the energy sector, and with small and medium-sized enterprises.

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TLK is involved in numerous research and development projects. Following is a list of publications that were either written by our employees in this context or that contain contributions by them. Some of the publications listed, particularly those relating to student projects, are available on request. Please contact Dr. Wilhelm Tegethoff.

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ISO 9001 and TISAX

TLK-Thermo uses ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems for customized solutions in measurements, calculations and software. We also have an ISMS and participate in TISAX, a safety assessment system for the automotive industry.

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