TILMedia Suite

TILMedia Suite


Thermophysical Properties of Substances

TILMedia Suite enables our customers to calculate thermophysical properties of liquids, gases, real substances with a two-phase region, and mixtures. We provide data for numerous media, many of which are calculated using our own highly efficient and accurate real-time substance data implementation. The program core and diverse interfaces enable it to be used in a variety of applications and computer languages.

Software Package

Structure and Content

Thermophysical material properties can be calculated with TILMedia Suite. The software package consists of the program core and numerous modules. The program core contains various calculation methods and implementations of substance and material data. The modules allow the integration of the program core into different applications and computer languages. 


With TILMedia Suite, TLK is a product partner of MathWorks.

Program Core

Calculation Methods and Implementations of Substance and Material Data

In TILMedia, substance and material data as well as properties of user-defined media mixtures can be calculated. This calculation can be done in three different ways:

  • Proprietary, highly efficient, and accurate real-time calculations
  • Standard calculations based on the literature
  • Implementations accessing external databases, e.g. REFPROP

An overview of the implementations of substance and material data (internal implementations, REFPROP, Coolprop, NASA, VDI) can be found in the TILMedia documentation.


In addition, TILMedia allows for implementations based on interpolation methods such as linear interpolation, spline interpolation, or a set of curves. Users also have the option to create their own interpolation data. The implementations offer the advantage of requiring very little computation time without sacrificing accuracy.


The calculation and interpolation methods in the program core are constantly being expanded and optimized by TLK-Thermo GmbH in cooperation with the Institut für Thermodynamik of the Technical University of Braunschweig.

Figure 1: Control of REFPROP via TILMedia – ph diagram of a mixture of 50% ethane and 50% methane – shown in DaVE


Use in Different Applications and Computer Languages

TILMedia Suite has a modular structure, so its calculation methods can be used in different applications and computer languages. The program core ensures that thermophysical properties can be calculated identically in different applications. The individual modules are tailored to the respective application or computer language. TILMedia Suite modules can be licensed either all together and individually for the following applications or computer languages:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Modelica (Dymola, SimulationX)
  • Python
  • Simulink (MathWorks)
  • Visual Basic for Applications and VB Script
  • Windows-COM-Server
In addition, TILMedia can also be used in real-time systems such as dSpace or in combination with other operating systems such as Linux. On request, TILMedia modules can be created for other applications and computer languages.


Function and Object Based Interfaces for Calculation of Substance and Material Data

TILMedia works with different media categories to provide optimal calculation methods for different application areas. User-defined mixtures can also be created within each category. The following three media categories are available:

  • Ideal gas-vapor mixtures with which frost formation or entrained ash can also be described, depending on the material model
  • Incompressible liquids
  • Real substances with a two-phase region (refrigerants or working fluids)

TILMedia provides two interfaces for the calculation of thermophysical properties: a function-based interface and an object-based interface. The calculation itself depends on the selected implementation of substance or material data as well as on different input variables such as:

  • Pressure, temperature, and mass composition
  • Pressure, specific enthalpy, and mass composition
  • Pressure, specific entropy, and mass composition
  • Density, temperature, and mass composition

Figure 2: TILMedia - lg p, -1/T Diagram Water & Ammonia - Displayed in DaVE

Use with other TLK Products

System Simulation (TIL Suite) and Visualization (DaVE)

TILMedia for Modelica is a component of the software package TIL Suite. The TIL model library provides thermal components and systems for steady-state and transient simulations. With the help of TIL and TILMedia, very detailed models can be calculated and large, multi-layered systems can be simulated quickly and dynamically.


Results from calculations and simulations performed with TILMedia can be conveniently visualized with the software DaVE. For each implementation of substance or material data in TILMedia suite, thermodynamic state diagrams can be displayed with DaVE. The following state diagrams are available in DaVE:

  • ph
  • pv
  • Ts
  • Th
  • pT
  • hx
  • Isotere diagram (vapor pressure diagram)

In addition to thermodynamic state diagrams, DaVE provides numerous other types of displays and diagrams.

Figure 3: Representation of a vapor compression process in different state diagrams generated using TILMedia in DaVE


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