DaVE – components of the software package

Since our customers use DaVE in very different ways, the software package is made up of a basic program and several optional extensions that are tailored to different fields. The options and plug-ins we offer include:

DaVE – Basic program

DaVE includes diverse instruments such as 2D-plot and vector plot for visualization purposes, which can be used to create various perspectives on the data. The data can be read from a number of online and offline sources. In the basic version, these include:

  • Variously coded csv files
  • Simulation results of Dymola (mat files)
  • Co-simulation with TISC
DaVE itself can process and analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Comparisons of simulations with different parameter settings are thus possible.
The visualizations produced by DaVE can be exported both in standard image formats as well as in the form of vector graphics in PDF files.

Visualization of the dynamic results of a cooling circuit simulation with TIL models

StateCharts – Thermodynamic state diagrams

With DaVE, the results and data can be visualized in the form of thermodynamic state diagrams. These state diagrams are based on our material data library TILMedia. For real gases and mixtures, the following chart types are available:

  • Pressure-enthalpy (ph)
  • Pressure-specific volume (pv)
  • Pressure-temperature (pT)
  • Temperature-enthalpy (Th)
  • Temperature-entropy (Ts)

In principle, these diagrams can be produced with all real gases from TILMedia, with REFPROP and with user-defined mixtures.

Various state diagrams of a cooling circuit
Various state diagrams of a cooling circuit

In the field of sorption, DaVE supports Isosteres- or "log p-1/ T" diagrams. The following materials are available in this field:

  • Water & Ammonia
  • Water & Zeolite
  • Water & Silica gel
thermal state diagram sorption
log p -1/T-diagram in DaVE

With regard to the visualization of state changes of moist air, DaVE supports Mollier-h, x-diagrams (enthalpy-humidity diagrams). These are particularly suitable for visualizing humidification, dehumidification, heating, cooling and mixing in a comprehensible manner.

Visualization of a state point near the comfort zone in an h-x-diagram
Visualization of a state point near the comfort zone in an h-x-diagram

P&I Flow Diagram – Illustration of circuits and flow diagrams

DaVE supports the creation of P&ID flow diagrams via an optional module. The connecting lines between the individual symbols (Nodes) can be linked with variables and thus dynamically change their width and direction. This makes it possible, for example, to display mass flows quickly. Pre-existing Nodes can be taken from the included Node Library, which contains symbols from the TIL Library, EN1861 and ISO1219.

P&I Flow Diagram
System circuit with P&I Flow Diagram

All Nodes can be edited and adapted to your own requirements. Using the supplied Node Database Editor, entire libraries can also be created and used within DaVE.

Node Database Editor
Node Database Editor

Connection of measurement software – Direct integration of test benches

For the simple and direct visualization of measurements, DaVE can be programmed to communicate directly with the programs CANape (Vector Informatik) and LabVIEW (National Instruments). The data retrieved in this way can then be used as a data source in DaVE.

Using these connections allows the online analysis of benchmarks or vehicles.

Online view during measurement
Online view during measurement

DaVE Lite – Free version of DaVE for the presentation of state diagrams

With DaVE Lite, TLK offers a free visualization tool for the presentation of state diagrams, which is based on elements of the DaVE software. DaVE Lite has the following features:

  • Creation of ph and hx diagrams
  • Use of pure media from the latest version of the TILMedia property data library
  • Integration of up to three data connectors (csv and mat files)
  • Creation of up to three StateChart pages

DaVE Lite
For example, ph diagrams can be created and mat files can be loaded in DaVE Lite.

You can download DaVE Lite: This requires you to register your email address, which we will only use to send your personal DaVE Lite download link.

If you have any questions, please consult:

Dipl.-Ing. Mario Schlickhoff

+49 / 531 / 390 76 - 254 | dave@tlk-thermo.com