MoBA Lab – Software package components

Our new software MoBA Lab is a fundamental new development of our former FMI Suite. Compared to the FMI Suite, MoBA Lab offers many new features and supports many other model formats in addition to the FMI Standard.

* FMI interface available. Conversion to MoBA Lab in development.

MoBA currently supports the model formats dymosim.exe, Python, C++, TISC and MoBA-SystemModel in addition to the FMI Standard. With MoBA Lab, it is possible to build up a customer-specific and user-friendly tool chain which can be easily integrated into the model-based product development process. Numerous other software solutions, such as the MoBA SystemDesigner (Interconnection of FMUs/DAEs) and other optimization tools, are in development or in the beta stage. Additional tools can be created individually upon request. Please feel free to contact us.

Further information regarding the FMI Standard can be found on the official FMI website.

MoBA Simulators - Simulation of FMUs etc. in different programs

With the MoBA Lab simulation core, it is possible to simulate models in the form of FMUs and many other model formats. The wide range of features of the MoBA Simulators are as follows:

  • ODE Solver: CVode, ARKode, Explicit Euler
  • Event Iteration: Superdense Time
  • Multi-dimensional numerical determination of roots (KINSOL, Newton-Raphson)
  • Interpolations, error corrections etc. for interconnected FMUs

MoBA Lab works on a high-quality level. This can be proven by the results of the FMI-CrossChecks in which TLK participates. The CrossCheck serves to compare the MoBA simulation results with the reference simulation data of the FMU-exporting programmes. In this respect, a maximum deviation of 0.2% will be accepted. All CrossCheck results will be published and frequently updated on The huge amount of successful CrossCheck results shows that simulations with our MoBA Simulators lead to reliable results.

MoBA Lab CrossCheck results
MoBA Lab CrossCheck results

Each MoBA Simulator supports the user by providing helpful model information about the simulated system. This improves the understanding of the model and assists in troubleshooting. Furthermore, the MoBA Simulators offer many possibilities to adjust your simulations in detail, for example by changing the solver (e.g. Sundials CVode, Sundials ARKode, Explicit Euler).

MoBA Simulator ModelInfo
The “ModelInfo” dialogue provides information to assist the user with the simulation.

MoBA Simulator for Excel

With the MoBA Simulator for Excel, it is possible to import, analyse and simulate both FMUs as well as compiled dymola models (dymosim.exe) in Excel. The simulation of interconnected FMUs will also be possible in the future. A big advantage of the MoBA Simulator for Excel is that the user does not require detailed previous knowledge to simulate models and visualise the results in the familiar Excel GUI.

On top of that, the MoBA Simulator for Excel offers the possibility to perform parameter studies intuitively in Excel. With Visual Basic, the user can implement even more functions to make it a major part of the individual workflow.

Further information regarding MoBA Simulator for Excel can be found in our introduction video.

MoBA Simulator for Excel
MoBA Simulator for Excel

MoBA Simulator for Python

The MoBa Simulator for Python provides the user with an interface that has the full functionality of the MoBA Core, whereby all its optimization tools and functions can be individually implemented in the custom toolchain at the same time. Thus, parameterization, simulation and result evaluation can be automated by using user-written scripts.

The MoBA Simulator for Python is easy to integrate in your own functions which ensures the highest level of flexibility. The software can perform different analysis functions as well as linearizations and it records sensitivities. The appropriate interface is easy to install. With the MoBA Simulator for Python, we provide a consistent, robust and well-maintained data base. Of course, TLK is available for you as your supporting contact partner.

Further information regarding MoBA Simulator for Python can be found in our introduction video.

MoBA Simulator for Python
MoBA Simulator for Python

MoBA Simulator for C/C++

The MoBA Simulator for C/C++ provides an easily comprehensible interface for performing FMU simulations. It enables the use of FMU-based models as high-level classes in a C/C++ project.

MoBA Simulator for C/C++
MoBA Simulator for C/C++

MoBA Simulators for DaVE, LabVIEW, Simulink, TRNSYS and TISC

For DaVE, LabVIEW, Simulink, TRNSYS and TISC, our interface solution coming from the FMI Suite is available and ready for use. The conversion to the core of MoBA Lab hasn't been finalized yet. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in potentially available beta versions of MoBA Lab. We will be pleased to help.

MoBA ModelFitter – Efficient parameter estimation

The MoBA ModelFitter serves the parameter fitting of modelled systems and components. In order to interact with the corresponding models, the tool makes use of the established FMI Standard.

MoBA ModelFitter
MoBA ModelFitter

Components or systems which have been modelled with other tools (for example with TIL) are initially exported as FMU and then loaded in Excel. Here, the MoBA ModelFitter determines the optimal parameter settings to ensure the best possible adaptation of the model to its corresponding measurement data. Furthermore, the MoBA ModelFitter uses various methods of mathematical analysis (for example, to deal with unintended dynamics) to assist with the fitting process.

MoBA FMU Configurator – Editing of parameters and dependencies

The MoBA FMU Configurator allows the adjustment of an FMU after its export has been finalised. For example, you can make adjustments with the MoBA FMU Configurator as follows:

  • Adjustment of initial values for inputs
  • Adjustment of parameters
  • Addition of further outputs
  • Hiding specific variables (only possible for the TLK interface at this time)
  • Addition of external dependencies (DLLs)
MoBA FMU Configurator
MoBA FMU Configurator

MoBA MUSCOD – Optimization of dynamic systems

MoBA MUSCOD ist a tool for the numerical solving of optimization problems. High-efficient and specialized algorithms will be used. By using the standardized model-exchange format FMI, system models from different modeling environments can be integrated. For further information you can visit the MoBA MUSCOD product website of our partner company TLK Energy.

If you have any questions, please consult:

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