MoBA Automation

Automated workflow in a few clicks.

Graphical user interface of MoBA Automation
Graphical user interface of MoBA Automation

In MoBA Automation, a wide variety of workflows can be automated, such as:

  • Simulation studies
    Execution of large parameter studies consisting of complex system models created with the TIL Suite and result visualization. Models exported as FMU are calculated with our Simulator Suite.
  • Model reduction
    Development of fast neural network models based on simulation study results of complex models and validation in transient simulations.
  • Measurement data processing
    Preparation of measurement data, e.g. by segmenting, cutting out the desired time ranges, aligning and merging different measurement data or reducing the data resolution.
  • Data analysis
    Statistical analyses and identification of stationary measuring ranges.
  • Model analysis
    Implementation of various analysis methods, including linearization, regression, and relative gain array analysis.
  • Data visualization
    Generate image files from a variety of diagram types, from Excel evaluations, and from configurations of our visualization software DaVE.
  • Reporting
    Create PDF or PowerPoint reports that take into account study constraints and include automatically generated graphs.
  • Parameter estimations
    Fitting of model parameters using our ModelFitter and measurement data.
  • Topology optimization
    Time-saving identification of optimal topologies in the computer network using our Optimization Suite.
  • Optimal control
    Derivation-based operating strategy optimization with parallel calculation of the Jacobi matrix.
  • Regression test
    Performing predefined tests for error checking during model changes.

Automating workflows with MoBA Automation

In order to automate a workflow with MoBA Automation, it must first be divided into subtasks. Each task (Python script with inputs and outputs) is then defined in MoBA Automation and adjusted to the (partial) task to be completed. MoBA Automation already contains a large number of ready-made tasks (TLK Task Library), which can be adapted and used directly with a few simple steps. The now created tasks are arranged and linked via the graphical user interface. The connections establish data connections between the individual tasks, via which the necessary information is exchanged. Which data is exchanged between the tasks can be defined individually depending on the workflow. The graphical user interface and ready-made parameter fields allow the automation of an individual workflow even without programming knowledge. Users with little programming experience have the possibility to change the visible program code. This allows even more freedom when configuring their own tasks. The execution of the automated workflow can then be performed on your own computer, an existing computer network or in the cloud. The parallelized calculation of the processes allows results to be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of MoBA Automation

MoBA Automation reduces the processing time when solving individual tasks in the fields of development, optimization and analysis of technical systems and their components.

Application example: Automated execution of a model reduction
Application example: Automated execution of a model reduction

The advantages of MoBA Automation in summary:

  • Extensive TLK Standard Task Library
    The tasks can be taken from the extensive TLK Standard Task Library and modified for individual requirements. Programming experience is not required.
  • Use of own scripts
    Your own Python scripts can be easily adapted or newly developed for use as tasks in MoBA Automation. In this context the integration of all possible Python modules is possible. The organization in the form of libraries guarantees the reusability of all tasks.
  • Maximum flexibility
    Any external programs, such as Dymola or Matlab, can be controlled by MoBA Automation. The extensive and powerful modules available free of charge for Python enable the convenient implementation of any project requirement.
  • Computer network and cloud computing
    Work assignments can be processed with little effort via connected computers in the network or in the cloud. This enables significant time savings for parallel workflows such as extensive parameter studies.
  • Portability
    The automation projects can be easily transferred to other computers. This enables documentation and archiving of the project's workflows, making them traceable and repeatable.
If you would like to find out how your workflow can be automated in MoBA Automation, please contact us by mail or phone.

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