TIL Suite – Software package components

The TIL Suite contains numerous components and system models. In addition, various add-on libraries are available that make it possible to simulate subject-specific components and systems. In the following, the components of the TIL Suite and additional tools are presented:

TIL – Model library for thermal components and systems

TIL is a library of extremely versatile models. On the one side, individual components can be modeled and calculated in detail. On the other side, the models are ideally suited for the design and optimization of large and complex systems. Here, TIL is characterized not only by its precision, but also by extreme speed. TIL may be used, among others, for the modeling of the following systems:

  • Refrigeration cycles, including refrigeration mixtures
  • Heat pump systems
  • Systems with ejectors
  • Hydraulic networks
  • Clausius-Rankine cycles
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Ab- and adsorption systems
  • Fuel cell systems

Automotive Secondary Loop System R134a
Automotive Secondary Loop System R134a

The graphical user interface that TIL provides in addition to the source code view, enables for the composition and parameterization of very different thermal systems. In Modelica code, model details can be viewed and components can be added on to. The object-oriented structure of the program and the principle of inheritance also allow the user to add new components.

TIL Add-Ons – Additional and advanced model libraries

In addition to components and example systems already contained in TIL, many other add-on libraries are available. These each include models for a particular field and tools that assist the user in simulation and evaluation. TIL Add-Ons are available upon request for the following fields:

  • Vehicle cabins (car, bus, train, transportation)
  • Simple buildings (office buildings, supermarkets)
  • Battery (cells, modules, systems)
  • Thermoelectric systems
  • Tumble dryers
  • Compressors (turbo, reciprocating, scroll)
  • Thermal storages (stratified heat storage, cold / ice storage)
  • Driving cycles, vehicle dynamics, electric vehicles
  • Electric motors, power electronics
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for passenger compartmens
  • 2D & 3D discretized heat exchangers
  • Pressure drop and heat transfer relations
  • Modelica adapters (TIL, MSL, ACL)

TIL Add-On Cabin
TIL Add-On Cabin

TILMedia – Model library providing thermophysical properties

For an efficient calculation of thermophysical properties of liquids, gases, real fluids containing a vapor liquid equilibrium and mixtures, TIL models use the TILMedia Suite. In TILMedia, substance properties are calculated in three different ways: using its own highly efficient and accurate real-time substance property implementations, using standard substance property implementations as described in the literature or via external databases such as REFPROP. In TILMedia user-defined mixtures can be created and simulations with dynamically variable mass fractions can be carried out. The following substance property implementations are available:

  • TLK developments: 60 media
  • VDI Heat Atlas: 275 media
  • VDI guideline 4670: 10 media
  • NASA Glenn coefficient: 2000 media
  • External REFPROP Library: 208 media
  • External CoolProp Library: 114 media

Heat Pump Cycle in ph-Diagram using TILMedia-CO2 (R-744) – Visualized in DaVE
Heat Pump Cycle in ph-Diagram using TILMedia-CO2 (R-744) – Visualized in DaVE

TILFileReader – Imports tabular data from files

TILFileReader provides routines for reading tabular data (csv files, Dymola result files and others upon request) so that it can easily be integrated into simulation models. Simulations can thus be easily compared to measured data and validated. TILFileReader provides several interpolation methods. Moreover, TILFileReader has been numerically optimized to guarantee high processing speeds.

TILFileReader provides Data from an External File for Heat Exchanger Inputs
TILFileReader provides Data from an External File for Heat Exchanger Inputs

Other tools – Visualization, model export, co-simulation and optimization

TIL Suite simulation results can be visualized easily and clearly using our software DaVE. Numerous display and chart types are available. In particular, DaVE makes it possible to present results in the form of thermodynamic state charts. DaVE also allows for the import and calculation of TIL models that were exported as FMU.

Engine Cooling System
Engine Cooling System in DaVE

Models and systems created using the TIL Suite can be exported via the FMI standard and integrated into other programs using our FMI Suite. This makes it possible, for example, for Modelica models to be simulated in DaVE, Simulink, Excel or LabVIEW. The export to real-time systems such as dSpace is also possible.

The co-simulation environment TISC makes it possible to connect TIL models and systems to the calculation models of other simulators, allowing for a total system simulation. The software package TISC Suite includes various applications and interfaces for simulators that allow for the management of the co-simulation and data exchange between individual model simulations.

TLK-Thermo GmbH also provides a tool programmed in Excel for fitting parameters of modeled systems or components. To use this tool, the components or systems modeled using TIL need to be exported based on the FMI standard and integrated into Excel. Our fitting tool allows for an optimized adaptation of the parameters to the measured data.

If you have any questions, please consult:

Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Frohböse

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